Graham Ibbotson was a Police Sergeant who, many years before, had known Cyril Turpin and after his death in February 1974 had kept in contact with his widow Betty.

In October 1984 he came into the Rovers looking for Betty. Percy Sugden for some reason thought he was after him in his role of caretaker of the Community Centre but Sgt Ibbotson assured him that the planned raid wasn't due until the next week. He offered Betty a lift home to 37 Hillside Crescent where he asked her if she could put up a police sergeant friend of his, Tony Cunliffe, whose marriage had fallen apart and who was being transferred to Weatherfield Police Station. Betty wasn't certain but did agree to meet Tony the next day for a chat.

In June 1986, he was the sergeant in charge of police operations in Coronation Street when fire broke out at the Rovers. Once it was quelled he went over the premises with the Fire Chief who told him that it had started in the fuse box in the cellar. Recognising Betty again, he allowed her and the neighbours to look in the pub through the shattered windows although he wouldn't allow them in due to the unsafe state of the floor.

Credited as "Police Sergeant" in his second appearance, he is referred to by name in dialogue.