Graham Naisby
Graham Naisby
Occupation Builder
First appearance 7th March 2014
Last appearance 7th March 2014
Number of appearances 2
Played by Mark Jordon

Graham Naisby was a builder with his own company who was hired to do work on V Court Fitness to prepare it for its opening. He had been brought in by Sharif Nazir over the initial wishes of Dev Alahan who wanted to give the work to Jason Grimshaw but was persuaded by a quote which was 10% cheaper. Jason's father, Tony Stewart, wasn't willing to let the matter lie and broke into Graham's van and stole his tools. Upon discovering the break-in, Graham admitted that he wasn't insured and had no option but to walk off the job. Jason was given the work although Kal Nazir dropped a heavy hint to Tony that he suspected him of having a hand in the matter.

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