Graham Pountney (born 6th February 1953 in West Byfleet, Surrey) appeared on Coronation Street in April 1977 as Kevin, who along with friend Rod, were entertained for the evening at 11 Coronation Street by Suzie Birchall and Gail Potter.

He was mainly educated in Newport, Rhode Island where he was the school’s lead actor, ran the drama club and wrote plays - although his first paid job was back across the pond cleaning-up after the real horses used in pantomime at the Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne. He ended up appearing in background parts and working in off-stage support before spending three years studying in Bristol at the Old Vic Theatre School. He then moved north to Manchester, where he got his first "real" acting job at the Library Theatre.

In more recent years he has taught classical and musical theatre and written both films and radio plays.

Acting credits include roles in Anna Karenina, Angels, The Cleopatras, Howards' Way, Peak Practice, The Bill, Doctors, Sea of Souls, Hustle, New Tricks, Rosamunde Pilcher and EastEnders.

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