Radio interviewer 3218
Occupation Radio DJ
First appearance 26th April 1991
Number of appearances 1
Played by Russell Harris

Greg was a DJ on Radio Weatherfield and host of Shop Talk, on which Alf Roberts was a guest in April 1991. Alf was appearing on Shop Talk in his capacity as President of WARTS but he was really using it to raise his profile in the run-up to the local Council elections. Greg opened the programme by asking Alf a few questions about his background in the grocery trade before opening the phone lines. One of the callers, Mr Owens, was actually Phil Jennings, a campaigner for Deirdre Barlow who was standing against Alf in the election. Phil used the show to name and shame Alf about his secret "relationship" with Vivian Barford (which in reality was perfectly innocent). As Alf sat open-mouthed at the microphone, Greg ended the show.

The character, credited as "Radio Interviewer", was given a name in dialogue.

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