Occupation Restaurant critic
First appearance 8th August 2011
Last appearance 2nd March 2012
Number of appearances 3
Played by Ben Frimstone

Greg was a restaurant critic from the Gazette who conducted reviews at Nick's Bistro in both August 2011 and March 2012.

On his first visit he was served by Gail McIntyre, who had recently been hired as a waitress, but she was overbearingly enthusiastic and lost a nail in his food. Greg subsequently left. Proprietor Nick Tilsley in turn told his mother that she was not cut out for the job, demoted her back to her cleaner's role and appointed Eva Price as waitress.

Upon his return to the establishment, Greg walked in on an outburst by Gail, who'd learned that her mother had given the villainous Lewis Archer another chance and decided to resume their relationship. After a profuse apology, Gail showed Greg to a table and offered him the menu, with Nick offering him a glass of champagne on the house, however it was Lewis himself who managed to diffuse the situation as he initially impressed Greg with his extensive knowledge of wines of the world and engaged him in culinary conversation in between courses. In conclusion Greg commented that he'd received wonderful food and immaculate service, telling the staff that they wouldn't be disappointed with his review as it was a distinct improvement on his last visit.

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