Residence Gujrat
Sibling(s) Upma
Suresh Parekh
First appearance 12th February 2010
Last appearance 20th June 2011
Number of appearances 16
Played by Indira Joshi

Grishma was an aunt of Sunita Alahan. In February 2010, Grishma and her sister Upma visited Sunita, her husband Dev and their children Aadi and Asha while visiting the UK from Gujrat. For their sake, Dev and Sunita pretended to still be married even though they were divorced, as they initially thought the aunts were just making a fleeting visit, little realising that the aunts were expecting to stay with them for a whole week. Dev and Sunita managed to keep up the charade until their departure later in the month, explaining away some difficult events including Dev sleeping on an airbed rather than with Sunita, and the sudden arrival of Sunita's ex-boyfriend Matt Davis, who Sunita said was the twins' Maths tutor. Grishma and Upma also asked them if there were any problems between them as they were surprised they had not had any more children.

Dev and Sunita were relieved when the aunts finally left as they had begun to complain about the house, causing Dev to leap to Sunita's defence. Ironically, the aunts' visit was the catalyst for Dev and Sunita reconciling.

Grishma and Upma returned to visit Dev and Sunita in June 2011, and were suspicious by their living conditions as they now lived at 7 Coronation Street - although they claimed that their Bramhall house was having an extension built. However when they discovered that Dev and Sunita weren't married anymore - although living together, Grishma and her sister set out to find Sunita a successful man, eyeing up some of the male residents, although Sunita told them to stop.

Following Sunita's death in April 2013, neither aunt attended her funeral. It was believed that she was responsible for starting the blaze at the Rovers which also resulted in the death of firefighter Toni Griffiths. However in reality the true arsonist was Karl Munro, who also killed Sunita by dislodging her breathing tube as she began to show signs of recovering in hospital.

Grishma was good at algebra in her youth.

Indira Joshi also played Dev's aunt Maya Desai in 2000. Grishma's surname was not revealed.

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