Gym 2 8524
Gym Member 2
First appearance 1st December 2014
Last appearance 3rd December 2014
Number of appearances 2
Played by Patrick Lally

The unnamed Gym Member and his friend were two muscular but none-too-bright members of V Court Fitness referred to as "Dumbo and dumber" by Alya Nazir.

Kal Nazir kept a wary eye on the pair which proved sensible as the second member started to push down on a set of heavy weights that his friend was using when he was doing bench presses. Kal stopped them immediately and tore a strip off the man.

A few days later, he badly injured himself, again doing heavy bench presses, and broke his hand. Katy Armstrong had done a first aid course with the intention of becoming a paramedic but she froze at the sight of the blood and realised that perhaps it wasn't her vocation after all.

The character's second appearance was uncredited.

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