First appearance 11th September 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sarah Counsell

Halley was one of several "hopefuls" who turned up at 11 Coronation Street in September 2009 to audition for the role of "Hia-Lowa", after children's entertainer Jesse Chadwick had posted an advertisement online for General Custard's sidekick.

With Eileen Grimshaw and lodger Sean Tully present in the back room, the bubbly auditionee was eager to perform, told an unimpressed Eileen to move her table and whilst vocally exercising, began to whoop like a Red Indian which in turn upset John the parrot.

Quickly changing tact, she burst out into a rendition of "There's No Business Like Show Business" but Jesse - who at this point saw absolutely no potential - gently explained that it wasn't a singing role and refused to see her "Hakuna Matata". As Julie Carp offered to show Halley the door, Eileen and Sean could barely contain their amusement as she complained that it had taken three bus journeys to get there and she had a cousin in an iron lung.

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