Hamish Young
Hamish Young
Children a daughter (1999)
First appearance 5th January 2015
Last appearance 23rd January 2015
Number of appearances 7
Played by James Redmond

Hamish Young briefly dated Michelle Connor at the beginning of 2015 after she separated from boyfriend Steve McDonald.

Hamish turned up at the Rovers to ask for her help in organising an event for his daughter's 16th birthday. While doing business, he asked her out for a drink. She initially turned him down, feeling it was too soon to be dating again, however she later agreed after some advice from Eva Price and they went to Just Nick's. Michelle decided to keep their relationship professional only wanting to discuss business and was still thinking of Steve. However deciding not to put her life on hold, she began dating Hamish. When she asked Steve for his approval, he told her that he didn't mind (however nobody knew at the time that his lack of care was down to him suffering depression).

After Michelle was involved in a serious minibus crash, Hamish called round to the Rovers to make sure she was alright. Upon discovering that she was intending to reconcile with with Steve however, he left the pub.

List of appearancesEdit


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