First appearance 2nd January 2012
Number of appearances 1
Played by Robin Colvill

Hank was an over-tanned egotist who was one of Eileen Grimshaw’s prospective partners who she met on a speed-dating night at Nick's Bistro that she was pushed into attending by sister Julie Carp. Hank introduced himself by pushing back his sunglasses and announcing that people thought he looked like Don Johnson. Eileen was deeply unimpressed. Hank occupied over four minutes of the five allowed talking about himself and when Eileen got up to leave, he happily followed, thinking he had pulled. She loudly told him that even on her most desperate days she wouldn’t go near him with a “flaming bargepole” and told him to take his dress sense and chat-up lines back to the 1980s where he “clearly belonged”. Unperturbed, he tried it on again and she pushed him back…into the fire alarm which went off, clearing the bistro and bringing the speed-dating evening to a hasty end.

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