Hannah Steele was a journalist working for the Weatherfield Gazette who, in November 2008, turned up at Underworld on Coronation Street looking to speak with Rosie Webster, following her recent kidnapping ordeal. Rosie wasn't at work however, still taking time off to recuperate at home. When Rosie's mum Sally and the rest of the factory girls realised that Hannah was a journalist "sniffing around", supervisor Julie Carp gave Hannah short shrift and factory owner Tony Gordon ordered her to leave the premises.

A few days later, the journalist caught up with Fiz Brown and tried to trick Fiz into talking - by suggesting that people thought that she too was involved in the crime that her boyfriend John Stape had committed. Fiz had the good sense to turn her away.

Hannah finally managed to catch up with Rosie the following month. However, looking for the opportunity to cash-in and concerned about the poor quality of the Gazette's imagery, Rosie told the journalist she was thinking about selling her story to a magazine. Hannah managed to persuade her that it would be better to accept a deal with a responsible, investigative reporter - with Rosie now insistent upon a makeover before her photoshoot as she would "need" a full colour spread in the publication.

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