Harold Dewhurst
Harold Dewhurst
Occupation Butcher
Spouse(s) Edith Dewhurst
Children John Dewhurst and at least one other son
First appearance 15th March 1971
Last appearance 26th May 1971
Number of appearances 8
Played by Stuart Saunders

Harold Dewhurst was a butcher and former bowling colleague of Jack Walker and came to the Rovers in March 1971 to pay his respects to Jack’s widow Annie and also to ask for Jack's bowling trophy to be used in the club as the "Jack Walker Memorial Trophy". He was a widower and he asked Annie if she would come out with him. They enjoyed a meal at the Pack Horse restaurant however Annie was soon disconcerted to see that Harold and Elsie Howard seemed to be such old - and close - friends. Harold explained away his behaviour and startled Annie by suggesting that they go on a Mediterranean cruise together which Annie promptly turned down but, with prompting by son Billy, Annie accepted.

When she returned though she was reticent to discuss the holiday and word soon started to spread that Harold had been seen with another woman. When, after a few weeks absent, he turned up in the Rovers with a younger woman, a furious Billy threw them out. The next night Harold turned up with his son John who angrily told Billy that the younger woman was his wife, not his dad’s girlfriend. Billy apologised for his behaviour - and for describing Mrs Dewhurst as “hard” - and the three men and Annie enjoyed a civilised drink of sherry in the back room of the Rovers. Annie later told Billy that she and Harold had both fallen for other people on the cruise and had decided to remain “just good friends”.

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