Harold Digby
Occupation Former Mayor
Spouse(s) Dawn Digby
First appearance 10th February 1975
Number of appearances 1
Played by Joe Lynch

Harold Digby was a councillor and former mayor who, together with his glamorous younger wife, Dawn, was invited to a meal by Alf Roberts. Mavis Riley was supposed to be his hostess but backed out at the last minute and Rita Littlewood stepped into breach but the very revealing cleavage of her dress caused worry from Alf and admiration from Harold.

The evening went well but Rita was perturbed to receive a present a few days later of a see-through nightie. She and everyone else thought Alf had sent it but he insisted it wasn't him. Shortly thereafter Rita received a bracelet with a note from Harold Digby and realised who her admirer was. She contacted him and told him that she wasn't interested and was mortified when Dawn turned up in the Rovers soon after to speak with her. Rita was worried that she was going to be accused of having an affair with a married man but a relaxed and cheerful Dawn told Rita that although they had a happy marriage, it was a weakness of Harold's to send such gifts to women he fancied and then guiltily confess his attraction to his wife afterwards. Rita didn't hear from Harold again.

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