Harriet Steele was a district nurse who visited Hayley Cropper several times when she was in the last weeks of her terminal cancer. The first time she was called in by Roy was when Hayley had endured an uncomfortable night with the only relief coming from when she sat in a hot bath. Harriet checked her notes and suggested that Dr. Akhtar should be called in to review her morphine dosage.

A few days later, she delivered a wheelchair for Hayley as she now had trouble walking. Harriet tried to put on a cheerful countenance, telling Hayley that she would look on it as a liberating thing but the depressed and angry patient was not convinced and told Roy to get rid of it.

Just two days later, Hayley asked Harriet for another increase to her morphine dosage, upsetting Roy who felt that they he should have noticed the deterioration in her condition.

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