Harry was the regular breadman for the Corner Shop.

When delivering the bread late in February 1980, he said that the reason for his lateness wasn't so much the ice on the roads but the women drivers! He gave it as his considered opinion that it would take three generations for them to have the same instinctive rapport with cars that men had.

One morning in February 1981 he had a jokey conversation with Alf Roberts about the amount of time you would get in prison for shunting a police car as he had just hit one on Rosamund Street and he was also interested in the gossip surrounding Mike Baldwin seeing Deirdre Langton. The next week, he tried to act the Lothario in a tongue-in-cheek manner with Deirdre herself but she laughed that he was all talk. Leaving the shop, he told Mike that he didn't mind him going out with Deirdre as he wasn't an ungenerous person.

In March 1983, Bet Lynch answered the door to him in her short tiger-print dressing gown as Alf was laid up after tripping over one of her shoes on the stairs and Annie Walker had made her assist at the shop as a penance. Bet wasn't impressed by Harry's salacious comments.

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