First appearance 18th June 1973
Number of appearances 1
Played by David Williams

Harry was a darts player in the Rovers. He and his mates were so absorbed in their game that forgot that their glasses were empty. Relief manager Glyn Thomas showed Bet Lynch and Betty Turpin a trick of the trade to drum up more business by jogging a memory which didn't actually exist - he got Bet to make out to Harry that she’d heard him ordering another round and apologised for not serving him straight away. In his momentary confusion, he’d agreed he had asked for more drinks and got four pints in for himself and his mates. Betty warned Glyn that the same trick wouldn’t work with Albert Tatlock!

Later on the same day, Harry got Betty in trouble when he called to be served and she was busy chatting to Minnie Caldwell. Glyn overheard and admonished Betty, also upsetting Minnie when he told her off for distracting his staff.

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