Harry 1763
Residence 23 Inkerman Street
First appearance 7th December 1977
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jackie Shinn

Harry was the neighbour of Ruby Green on Inkerman Street who had made the mistake of giving Stan Ogden her washing to do for the promised payment of £1. Stan fully expected Hilda to do the task for him but she refused outright and made Stan and Eddie Yeats do it themselves. The task took two weeks. When completed, Stan knocked on Harry's door by mistake to return the items but was directed next door, Harry having recognised some of the underwear from when it had been hanging out the back. Harry watched on as Ruby paid for the items and then recognised Stan as being Clara Regan's "friend". She offered to take him inside but Stan scarpered quickly. Ruby then offered Harry a "cup of tea" but he pointed inside to where his own wife was waiting and said he'd better not.

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