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Harry brown
Harry Brown
Occupation Washing Machine Repairman
First appearance 26th October 1977
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alan Hulse

Harry Brown was a repairman called to 13 Coronation Street to look at the washing machine that Hilda Ogden had just purchased from Renee Bradshaw for the sum of £20 (much to Stan's horror). He insisted he wasn't a cowboy but an "Appliance Engineer". He considered the machine to be, "so old I might as well be a lodger here but not for a fortnight as I'm going on a cruise", nevertheless he quickly found a button in the pump and charged Hilda £6 as his minimum call-out fee. As he sympathetically put it to Stan, "For every labour-saving device a woman gets, her husband has to graft that bit harder to pay for it."

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