Harry Hollands was a major customer for Underworld who was annoyed to find that Mike Baldwin seemed to have forgotten a business appointment the two had set up in February 2000. Mike’s fiancée, Linda Sykes, stepped into the breach, assured Mr Hollands that Mike had not forgotten the matter and had delegated the business down to her. Mr Hollands left the factory well satisfied and Mike later grudgingly accepted that Linda had done a good job, although he was annoyed to find out that she had described herself as his partner in the firm.

Just over two years later in March 2002, Harry made a return visit to Underworld when he did deal with Mike directly. This time he was dissatisfied with the design of the goods on offer, until his eye caught a prototype bustier design made on the sly by Fiz Brown and put in an order for them. Mike had previously given Fiz a dressing down for making the garment using his resources but now he changed his tune and gave her an agreement for the purchase of the design for £500.00. Fiz happily accepted until Emily Bishop made it clear how much profit Mike would make from the design upon which she started to barrack for more money, only getting her way when she carried out a topless rooftop protest to embarrass Mike.

Harry only appeared in two episodes, shown some two years apart. In the first of the these appearances he was credited as “Mr Hollands”.