Harry Platt is the son of Sarah Platt and the late Callum Logan and he was named by his sister Bethany Platt.


Sarah became pregnant with Harry after a short relationship with drug dealer Callum Logan. Before Harry was born, Callum was murdered by Sarah's sister-in-law Kylie Platt who was trying to rescue Sarah from his violent outburst. Callum was buried in secret underneath the annex at 8 Coronation Street where Sarah's mother Gail was using as a bedroom.

Sarah first found out that she was pregnant in December 2015 - three months after Callum's death. She originally planned on having an abortion, but Kylie talked her out of it as her son Max, who she loved deeply, had also been fathered by Callum. Sarah's daughter Bethany however, was less than impressed at the thought of having a baby sibling fathered by a man her family resented.

Harry was born in March 2016 and the baby's constant crying put Sarah under great stress, which didn't help as she was struggling with her mental health over Callum's death and his body being buried under the house. Sarah began to believe Harry detected Callum's presence.

When the location of Callum's body was found by police in May, Sarah's health became even worse and she believed Callum was still alive. She attempted to barricade herself and Harry inside No. 8 but was taken away by an ambulance. She was kept in a mother-and-baby room with Harry at Weatherfield General's psychiatric ward where she was diagnosed with postnatal psychosis. After a few weeks, she recovered and went home with Harry.

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