Harry Wiggins
Harry Wiggins
Occupation Television Man
First appearance 11th August 1971
Number of appearances 1
Played by James Tomlinson

Harry Wiggins was a television man who came to repossess the Ogdens' prized colour set when they fell behind with the repayments. The front door of 13 Coronation Street being open, he let himself in and was unplugging the set when Stan Ogden caught him and threatened him in the mistaken belief that he was a burglar. Hilda arrived on the scene and recognised Mr Wiggins who said that the set could remain if they paid the three months' back rent owing, amounting to £18. He recognised that this would never happen and told a disconsolate Hilda that they might get another set from a firm named Harveys on Victoria Street but Hilda couldn't stand the thought of another repossession. He tried to lighten their sombre mood by pointing out that Bill and Ben was still broadcast in black and white and was more than happy to accede to Hilda's request that he take the set out the back way to spare her blushes from the neighbours.

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