Hassan Habeeb was the father of Rana and husband of Saira Habeeb. When Zeedan Nazir proposed to Rana they decided to bring the two families together to celebrate their engagement. However, the engagement party ended suddenly when Zeedan's grandmother Yasmeen exposed her husband Sharif's seven-year extramarital affair with her best friend, Sonia Rahman.

In light of his grandfather's betrayal, Zeedan began having doubts about his wedding to Rana. Even though Yasmeen had started pawning her valuables to pay for the wedding, and Saira and Hassan had already began to organise the ceremony, Zeedan confessed his true feelings to Rana - to which she furiously replied that she never wanted to see him again.

Hassan and Saira were not happy about the cancellation of the wedding and blamed Rana. Later, when it was revealed that Zeedan did actually love Rana, the Habeebs, Yasmeen and Leanne Battersby all helped to organise the wedding. Zeedan and Rana were married later that day and the Habeebs congratulated their daughter.

However, Rana was infact struggling with her sexuality and her marriage to Zeedan, as she had feelings for Kate Connor. Because of her Muslim upbringing and strict parents, Rana was afraid. Hassan was ashamed to find out his daughter was a lesbian, as it was incompatible with his Islamic values. Rather than divorce, so as to defend his family's reputation, Zeedan and Rana agreed to seperate; but remain legally married.

Hassan and Saira tried to arrange their daughter's kidnapping to Pakistan, under the guise that Rana's aunt was ill. A gullible Rana fell for her parent's lie, as they had no intention for her to ever return home to the UK.

However, Zeedan's grandmother Yasmeen was skeptical about the authenticity of the story, so Imran checked with his relatives in Pakistan as to whether his aunt was actually ill, and it turned out she wasn't. Zeedan, Yasmeen, Kate and Imran raced to the Habeeb family household, and caught Rana just in the nick of time; who was in the back of a taxi to Manchester Airport; oblivious to the fact her ticket was only one-way and that her parents were lying to her.

A furious Hassan said to an upset Rana that she was no longer his daughter, while Imran sided with his sister and said to his homophobic father that he was no longer his son. Hassan was horrified to hear this.

On the day of his 60th birthday in August 2018, Hassan suffered a stroke and was hospitalised. He passed away a week later on with 17th August, just after Rana was allowed to be at his bedside.

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