On the boating lake
ITV release date 13th October 2013
Writer Ellen Taylor
Director Durno Johnston
Previous episode Our camping trip
Next episode None

Roy and Hayley Cropper return to one of the most important sites of their courtship - the boating lake in North Cross Park where they first kissed. This time they have managed to procure a boat and it isn't raining. Hayley insists on a smile from Roy to banish the Grim Reaper and points out the shelter where they sat so many years ago. She tells Roy how nervous she was that day while he remembers how beautiful she looked. He surprises her when he tells her that he's booked a table at the Portofino Restaurant where they went all those years ago but he hopes that the butter isn't rancid on this occasion. They tell each other that they love one another and Hayley makes Roy put the oars down in order that she can lean in for a kiss.

This segment references events in Episode 4433 (6th July 1998) and uses the same location for the lake: Heaton Park in Manchester. Hayley also refers to this later excursion in Episode 8232 (13th October 2013) broadcast on the same day that this segment was released on the ITV website.


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