Our camping trip
ITV release date 7th October 2013
Writer Ellen Taylor
Director Durno Johnston
Previous episode Conquering my fear of...
Next episode On the boating lake

Hayley is ticking off another item on her bucket list: sleeping outdoors under canvas. She lists the positives, such as the sound of the wind and being with nature while Roy is more pessimistic and speaks of the tent being on uneven ground and the risks of extreme weather conditions, animal attack, fire and robbery. Hayley is momentarily discomforted by the cry of a fox and snuggles up to Roy for comfort. He has to answer the call of nature though and takes a toilet roll with him as he heads for the loo - located in 6 Coronation Street where the tent has been pitched in the back garden, with Anna Windass's permission...

Fiz Stape mentions the camping trip in Episode 8229 (7th October 2013) broadcast on the same day this segment was released on the ITV website but doesn't mention the strange location of the "campsite".


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