The Head Waiter worked at a posh hotel where Mike and Jackie Baldwin spent their honeymoon in July 1991. The Baldwins only spent a weekend there as they'd been forced to cut costs due to the effects of the recession on Ingram's Textiles.

Mike and Jackie spent nearly their entire stay at the hotel rowing about the fact that Jackie had agreed to sell Ingram's to Ralph Dobson without consulting Mike. Mike was in a foul mood and spent one morning there on the golf course, making him late for lunch. While Jackie waited for Mike in the lounge adjoining the hotel's restaurant, the waiter gave each of them a glass of complimentary bucks fizz. Growing impatient, Jackie asked the waiter how long it took to get through the golf course, to which he replied that it depended on the skill of the player and that it took him quite some time. Mike arrived in the lounge a few moments later.

Jackie and Mike continued to argue once they took their seats in the restaurant, leading Jackie to storm out in anger. As she did so, the waiter stopped the waitress serving the couple and cast a furtive glance towards the Baldwins' table, a bemused smirk on his face.