Heather Macnee
Heather Macnee
Occupation Clothing retailer
First appearance 7th September 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Hilary Maclean

Heather Macnee was the owner of the clothing firm of Macnee's and one of Underworld's most important customers. She paid a visit to the factory in September 2015 when Carla Connor had lost a grip of her life, both personal and professional, as a result being under the mistaken belief that she had been responsible for the deaths of Kal Nazir and Maddie Heath earlier in the year. Aidan Connor had bought a share of the factory and, with Carla missing again, it was him and trainee manager Alya Nazir who met Heather. Alya took her round the premises and showed her the production efficiencies that they had introduced but Heather wanted to see figures that backed it up. When Alya offered to fetch a coffee, she demanded that Aidan carry out that task and Alya could talk the numbers. She found out that Alya had a business degree in textiles and offered her a position at her firm when the young girl expressed an interest in working for them, as she was keen to escape working for Carla who she blamed for her father's death.

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