Helen kaye
Helen Kaye
Occupation Child Welfare Officer
First appearance 10th September 2010
Last appearance 13th September 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Karen Asemper

Helen Kaye was a Child Welfare Officer, independent of social services and the court, but appointed by the latter, who could assess the situation and report on the child’s behalf when Kylie Turner opposed an interim order given to Weatherfield Council placing her son Max in foster care which had previously been granted on 12th May 2009. She met Kylie and her half-sister Becky McDonald at his foster home and when Becky discovered who she was, asked if Helen had noticed how pleased the child had been when he saw his mother.

Helen was at the hearing at the Family Court a few days later when she told the court that the child and mother had a strong bond and that Kylie now had a home and a job thanks to Becky’s intervention in her life. Kylie was given custody back and her son came and lived at the Rovers thereafter.

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