Henna Choudhary
Henna Choudhary
First appearance 19th June 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Monica Patel

Henna Choudhary was a cousin of the Nazir family and, along with two other relatives, visited them at 6 Coronation Street in June 2015 to see how they were coping after the death of Kal several weeks before. Yasmeen gave them an update on the problems facing the family businesses, including V Court Fitness where she felt that partner Dev Alahan was not pulling his weight. Alya was late for the family meeting: feeling as low as it was possible to be after her father's death, she had just drunk wine in the Rovers and then seduced Jason Grimshaw into taking her virginity. Overwhelmed with guilt, she stood at the top of the stairs and heard Henna describe her as "lovely" while the rest of the family sang her praises. Henna was later introduced to Gary Windass who was declared a hero for recently rushing to Sharif's aid when he suffered a bad asthma attack.

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