Henry Wilkins
Henry Wilkins
Occupation Councillor (Retired)
First appearance 31st December 2012
Last appearance 4th January 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Russell Dixon

Henry Wilkins was a Councillor and once a friend of the late-Alf Roberts. On New Year's Eve 2012, Henry accompanied Alf's widow Audrey to Nick's Bistro. They enjoyed each other's company, and went on a second date in the New Year. After their second night out however, Audrey told Henry that she didn't want to lead him on as she wasn't looking for any kind of relationship at the moment. They decided to remain friends and Henry told her that she could call upon him at any time.

This is Russell Dixon's third role in the series. It is also his second role as a Councillor, as back in the early 1990s he played villainous Harry Potts, who was actually an enemy of Alf's rather than a friend.

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