Herbert whittle
Herbert Whittle
Residence Knutsford, Cheshire
Children A daughter
First appearance 30th August 1967
Number of appearances 1
Played by Arnold Ridley

Herbert Whittle was an elderly man who befriended Minnie Caldwell when she visited Tatton Park with a group from Coronation Street in August 1967. When Ena Sharples saw that Minnie had wandered off with a man, she was clearly put out (not that she'd admit it) and watched the couple closely as they toured the estate. Minnie was impressed with Herbert's knowledge of the place and came away from the encounter thinking he was Lord Tatton Park. When she told Ena this, Ena affably questioned the man himself. Revealing that he lived with his daughter and her husband in Knutsford, Herbert told Ena he came to the estate nearly every week to stay out of their way (hence his comprehensive knowledge of Tatton). Rather than spoil Minnie's day, Ena asked Herbert not to correct her about his "title", as Minnie wasn't "all that well off for memories".

As the tour finished, Ena saw that the couple were once again inseparable, but one more shock awaited her as she saw Herbert pick a flower for Minnie and take his hat off to her. "Who the 'eck's she told 'im she is?", asked the usually unflappable pensioner.

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