When the Community Centre was built on the site of the demolished Maisonettes in 1971, Ena Sharples was determined to become caretaker, both to be back living in Coronation Street after two years in the flat above Ernie Bishop’s Camera Shop and to be living again on the site of her old Vestry as that was where the caretaker’s flat was situated. Alf Roberts broke the bad news to her that her application had been unsuccessful and that Hetty Thorpe had been given the job. Not to be outdone, Ena invited Hetty to tea, through Minnie Caldwell, and regaled the timid and worrying lady with false stories of the vandalism and roughness of the area. Hetty resigned from a post using the excuse that her sister had fallen ill and she neeeded to look after her and Ena was taken on in her place. When Hetty heared this, she realised that she had been conned. She bumped into Minnie in the Corner Shop and when she heard what Ena had done, it caused a short breach between the two friends.

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