Hilary dodds
Hilary Dodds
Occupation Teacher
First appearance 3rd May 1972
Last appearance 25th July 1973
Number of appearances 3
Played by Doreen Sloane

Hilary Dodds was an unmarried teacher at Bessie Street School. In May 1972, she attended a PTA meeting at the school, at which she expressed to Ken Barlow her criticism of parents who couldn't drag themselves away from the pub or the television for a few hours to attend. Her comments were overheard by headmaster Wilfred Perkins who echoed the sentiment, saying that some of the parents needed a kick up the backside. After the meeting, Hilary gave one of the parents, Mrs Harper, a lift home.

Over a year later, just after the end of the school term, Hilary attended a soiree at Perkins' home, and was present when Ken was introduced by Perkins to his daughter Elaine Perkins. Hilary playfully warned Elaine that Ken could be rather sardonic.

List of appearancesEdit



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