Hillside Cresent is a road of well-to-do semi-detached houses built mainly between the wars. The road is off Newtown Lane. Betty Williams lived at No. 37 from the early 1970s until her death in 2012. She moved there a short time after her first husband Cyril retired from the police force where he had been a sergeant. After his death in 1974, Betty lived alone until her second marriage to Billy Williams in 1995 although he only lived for another two years, after which her only constant companion was her cat Marmaduke. Various people stayed with Betty at the house over the years including her son Gordon Clegg on his infrequent visits to see his mother.

Near neighbours of Betty including Mrs Fletcher who lived at No. 31 with her two children Sharon and Wayne and her abusive boyfriend Reg Sudworth but he moved out when Betty reported the children to the N.S.P.C.C. for being neglected.

Although the road's exact location in relation to Coronation Street isn't known, it is near enough to have enabled Betty to walk to her job as barmaid in the Rovers Return Inn each day although on occasion she is known to have taken a bus.