Manager 8581
Hotel Manager
First appearance 20th February 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Aidan Brindle

The unnamed Hotel Manager was on duty at the Parke Square Hotel when a house auction was held at which Tony Stewart attended with Eva Price in order to bid on a property for her and Jason Grimshaw, although he knew nothing of their plan. A scheming Todd Grimshaw duped Jason, already suspicious of his girlfriend and his dad due to Todd's machinations, to the hotel and he was in time to see Eva give Tony a kiss of thanks. Falling for Todd's plan hook, line and sinker, he attacked his father. The Manager and one of his assistants tried to separate the pair as they fought across the reception. Tony easily fought off the man who was trying to restrain him and pulled the manager off Jason, yelling at him to get his hands off his son. The manager appealed for calm and Jason walked out, defusing the situation immediately.

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