Receptionist 3146 7
Hotel Receptionist
Occupation Receptionist
Residence Harrogate
First appearance 14th November 1990
Last appearance 16th November 1990
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jane Lancaster

The Receptionist worked at the desk in a Harrogate hotel where Mike Baldwin and Jackie Ingram attended a trade conference in November 1990.

To put his partner Alma Sedgewick's mind at ease, Mike had lied to her that he was there representing Ingram's Textiles alone. Alma was therefore surprised when she rang the hotel to speak to Mike, and the receptionist - unable to get hold of Mike due to him being in conference - passed the phone to Jackie, who happened to be in the vicinity. When Alma did get hold of Mike, he managed to explain away Jackie's presence by saying that she'd turned up unexpectedly and he was trying to get rid of her.

Some time later, having been assured by Mike that Jackie had left, Alma rang the hotel to ask Mike why Ivy Brennan - a textile worker at Ingram's - had told her that Jackie was away for the whole week. The receptionist got no response from Mike's room, but told Alma everything she needed to know by confirming that there was a Jackie Ingram staying at the hotel.

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