Hugh Munro

Hugh McAllan Munro (born 18th August, 1916 in Edinburgh, died 27th July 1998 in Kent) worked as a director on 16 episodes of Coronation Street from November 1970 to June 1971.

He enjoyed a long career as both an actor and a director, moving constantly between the two occupations. As an actor, he appeared in many productions including BBC Sunday-Night Theatre, Object Z, Softly Softly, No Hiding Place, The Wednesday Play, Dr. Finlay's Casebook, Lovejoy, Hamish Macbeth, Peak Practice and Kavanagh QC while his directorial credits include Shadow Squad, Compact, Orlando and the short-lived Yorkshire Television soap Castle Haven. In 1958 he was the producer of the Southern Television medical drama Mary Britten, M.D..

Episodes directed by Hugh MunroEdit

1970 (2 episodes)

1971 (14 episodes)

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