Ian 7871
Occupation Rotary Club President
First appearance 21st May 2012
Last appearance 21st May 2012
Number of appearances 2
Played by James Morley

Ian was the President of the Weatherfield branch of the Rotary Club who held a night at Nick's Bistro in May 2012. The Mayor of Weathefield, Colin Lavender, was Guest of Honour and, as an old council acquaintance of Audrey Roberts', he greeted her with a warm kiss and flattering comments.

Unfortunately the meal proved to be red hot as Eva Price had put two bottles of tabasco sauce and a packet of chilli powder into the food as revenge against Nick Tilsley when she mistakenly thought that he had slept with Kylie Platt. She doused him with a drink in front of Colin and the guests who also were witness to Eva's revelation which ended with David Platt attacking Nick across the mayorial table.

Credited as "President", the character was named in dialogue.

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