Ian Bentley
Ian Bentley
Occupation Sales rep
Birthplace Nottingham
Spouse(s) Sharon Gaskell (1999)
First appearance 29th January 1999
Last appearance 24th November 1999
Number of appearances 42
Played by Jonathan Guy Lewis

Ian Bentley was Sharon Gaskell's flirtatious fiancé and later husband.

Ian was a sales representative who arrived in Weatherfield to meet his fiancée Sharon's foster mother Rita Sullivan, who persuaded Sharon to have her wedding in Weatherfield rather than returning to Nottingham.

Soon, Ian began an affair with the recently widowed Natalie Barnes who already had a reputation as a home-wrecker after her affair with Sally's husband Kevin Webster. Natalie knew that Ian was engaged but didn't know that it was to Sharon. Rovers' barmaid Betty Williams uncovered the affair and informed Rita on the eve of Sharon and Ian's wedding. When Natalie found out that Sharon was Ian's fiancée, she called off the affair and angrily told him to stay away from her.

On the morning of the wedding, Rita told Sharon about the affair. Still, Sharon seemed determined to go through with it. During the service, however, Sharon called Ian a liar in front of the assembled congregation and jilted him.

After some months had passed, Sharon got in contact with Ian again and rekindled their relationship, the pair realising they still loved each other. Rita was angered when Sharon announced her intention to marry Ian and sell The Kabin in order to buy a house in Bolton. Rita eventually bought the business back from Sharon and told her not to expect anything else from her. Sharon married Ian on 1st November 1999 and left the area, never to return.

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