Ian Bevitt

Ian Bevitt is a current Coronation Street director having worked on the programme from July 2000 to October 2005 and May 2008 to the present with 319 episodes, including three double episodes, twelve episodes co-directed with David Kester and two co-directed with Tim Dowd. He also directed the 2009 spin-off DVD Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday.

Ian was born in Hemsworth, Yorkshire and brought up in Pontefract. He began his career as a reporter on the Pontefract and Castleford Express in the 1980s. His other directing credits include Emmerdale, The Royal, Waterloo Road, Heartbeat, Home Front and Rock Rivals.

Episodes directed by Ian BevittEdit


2000 (16 episodes)

2001 (20 episodes)

2002 (37 episodes)

2003 (35 episodes)

2004 (19 episodes)

2005 (20 episodes)

2008 (15 episodes)

2009 (20 episodes)


2010 (36 episodes)

2011 (18 episodes)

2012 (21 episodes)

2013 (23 episodes)

2014 (5 episodes)

2015 (10 episodes)

2016 (10 episodes)

2017 (14 episodes)

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