Ian Whittaker
Ian Whittaker
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 8th October 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Andy Rashleigh

Ian Whittaker was the senior partner at DJ Forbes Solicitors, the company that had been instructed to handle the estate of the late Frank Nichols in October 2007. After the Receptionist had introduced Mr Whittaker to Cilla Battersby-Brown who had arrived dressed to the nines for the will-reading, he apologised for keeping her waiting as it had been a very long morning and explained that there was a couple of documents for her to sign. Once inside Mr Whittaker's office, the solicitor was informative and stated that Mr Nichols had been a very sociable man. When told that a cheque for £500 would be prepared, Cilla wrongly assumed this amount would be for her expenses. Mr Whittaker however soon put the record straight and Cilla was disappointed to find out that was all she would be receiving from Frank's estate. As the meeting was just about to wrap-up, the receptionist knocked on the office door and informed the solicitor that "another one" had arrived - Cilla was just one of several "lady-friends" that Frank had left money to.

As a disappointed Cilla clocked the next woman sat in the reception area dressed in similar attire, she advised her not to get her hopes up as there was another coach load due to arrive.

Credited as "Solicitor", the character's full name was given in dialogue.

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