Occupation Temporary switch operator at Street Cars
Mother Brenda
First appearance Street Car Stories - The Switch (10th February 2014)
Last appearance Street Car Stories - The Showdown (12th February 2014)
Number of appearances 2
Played by Misha Timmins

Imogen is the young attractive daughter of Street Cars switch operator Brenda. During a late shift at the cab office, Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney came across her operating the switch herself and discovered that Brenda had gone to the Alps on a skiing holiday, leaving her daughter in charge. Much to Lloyd's amusement, Imogen let slip about an incident at a Christmas party between Steve and Brenda - although she didn't go into any detail. When her boyfriend arrived, she left the cab office, with Steve having to try and explain himself to Lloyd.

Imogen's boyfriend Nigel split up with her over the phone during another shift. Steve and Lloyd were angered by the way she had been treated and phoned up Nigel to challenge him to a fight. However when Imogen went on to explain that he was a cage fighter, this instantly sent the two men into a panic, especially as Nigel was living nearby on Tile Street and thus arrived on Victoria Street in a matter of minutes. However Brenda also arrived a moment later and got into a fight with Nigel herself on the pavement outside the office, easily trouncing the martial arts expert in the process.

Imogen was featured in the third and fourth episode of the online spin-off series Street Car Stories broadcast on 10th and 12th February 2014.

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