Imogen Dooley was a friend of Rosie Webster's who also attended Oakhill School.

On the eve of the school's Christmas ball, Rosie excitedly explained to mother Sally how Imogen and some of her other friends had arranged to come and pick her and boyfriend Craig Harris up in a stretch limousine.

Having bought her daughter an expensive ball gown for the occasion, Sally was absolutely furious when she saw that Rosie - wearing heavy make-up, had taken a pair of scissors to the dress to give it a goth look. She was equally unimpressed when Craig also turned up at No.13 in a similar style and forbade Rosie to go out. However, Sally's demeanor soon changed when straight-laced Imogen arrived at the house and told Rosie that she looked sensational, stating that Mr Chandler - Head of Art - would absolutely love her outfit and that his wife would probably turn up in something outrageous too. As Rosie went upstairs to fetch her bag, Imogen complimented Sally on being a good role model and told her that she loved the house - as it looked "lived in".

A few days later, Rosie used a sleepover at Imogen's house in Alderley Edge as a cover story when in reality she stayed over at No.6 and slept with boyfriend Craig for the first time. The following morning, Rosie was almost caught out in her lie when Imogen rang and Sally answered the call, however Rosie was able to grab the phone and spoke in a hushed tone asking Imogen to go along with what she was saying about the previous night.

Credited as "Imogen", the character's surname was given in dialogue on Episode 6186.