Imogen Stamford
Imogen Stamford
Residence Altrincham
Children Chelsea Stamford
First appearance 20th February 2004
Last appearance 1st March 2004
Number of appearances 4
Played by Georgina Mellor

Imogen Stamford was a WAG-type mother who Claire Casey worked for in early 2004. Fred Elliott had decided that son Ashley Peacock and Claire were taking too long in admitting their attraction to each other and put into action what he saw as a cunning plan. He booked himself a holiday in Umbria to leave the two together in the house and for good measure made arrangements for Joshua Peacock to be looked by his grandparents, Derek and Doreen Heavey. Unfortunately his plan backfired when Claire got bored and got some work through her nannying agency to work for Imogen in Altrincham.

Soon after Claire’s return to Weatherfield, Imogen swept down the Street in her expensive car and demanded she help her with a few hours babysitting for her toddler daughter Chelsea as she couldn’t be exposed to the trauma of seeing her mother being waxed. In addition, she “pointed out” that Joshua had a daddy to stay with whereas Chelsea only ever saw her father in newspapers or on the television! Unable to get a word in edgeways in the torrent of pleading, Claire joined the insistent lady and completed the task.

A week later, Mrs Stamford was back, again not listening to anything she didn’t want to hear as she offered Claire a “dream” job nannying for her when the family moved to Florida. Claire was hoping that Ashley would stop holding back and declare his love for her but, bashfully, he not only hesitated in asking Claire to stay but reluctantly encouraged Claire to go with the Stamfords and even interviewed her replacement - Claire look-alike Wendy Rolands. Despite pleading from Fred and Audrey Roberts, Ashley refused to open up his feelings to Claire, feeling guilty for moving on from Maxine so quickly. It was only when she was departing that he realised what he was losing and chased Imogen’s car. Naturally, he was left standing and he thought he had missed his opportunity until he saw Claire standing inside the closed Butcher's Shop. He at last declared his love for her and Imogen was forced to go abroad without her nanny.

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