Invigilator (2007)
First appearance 11th June 2007
Last appearance 11th June 2007
Number of appearances 2
Played by Becky Hindley

The unnamed Invigilator was responsible for overseeing the pupils at Weatherfield High who were sitting their Geography GCSE examination in June 2007.

The examination ended after the alloted time of 1 hour 15 mins and the invigilator set about collecting the papers. Fellow examinee Amber Kalirai was horrified when she witnessed David Platt set his paper ablaze with a cigarette lighter. The fire was extinguished speedily by the invigilator and a colleague who was also present. Despite being instructed not to leave the room, a smug David walked out and declared "School's out!"

Becky Hindley first appeared as Mrs Smith, the Deputy Head at Weatherfield High less than a year before playing the role of the unnamed Invigilator. Three years later, the actress returned once again as Charlotte Hoyle, who also worked at the same school as a teacher.

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