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The Brothers McGregor
Episode number 12
Episode Irate Dinner Tables (aka "The Persistent Mr Pyecroft")
ITV broadcast date 1st May 1986
Writer Julian Roach
Director Sally Aldred
Designer Taff Bentley
Previous episode Criminal Connections
Next episode Victorian Porn


Cyril and Wesley hounded by Humphrey Pyecroft, an unhappy customer. Dolly McGregor takes pity on him and invites him in to Sunday lunch and they discover he is a songwriter. Cyril reluctantly agrees to sing one of his songs in order to appease him. It turns out better for Humphrey than Cyril.


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  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,544,000 viewers (chart placing unknown). This episode was made sixth in the running order but transmitted fifth in the programme's second season.
  • This episode was repeated on the satellite channel Granada Plus on Wednesday 18th December 1996 at 10.30am and 3.00pm.

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