Occupation Gym trainer/receptionist
First appearance 8th December 2008
Number of appearances 1
Played by Linette Beaumont

Not to be confused with: Izzy Armstrong

Izzy was working on the reception desk at Blakesons Gym where Tyrone Dobbs enquired about signing up for membership in December 2008 - he had been kidding-on to fiancée Molly Compton that he'd been a member for a quite a while. Izzy promptly handed Tyrone a leaflet containing a variety of membership schemes and, taken aback with the pricelist, an even more shocked Tyrone was informed that they were monthly fees. However, knowing that he had to cover his tracks with Molly, quickly signed up.

As he showed Molly around the state-of-the-art workout area, Molly instantly realised that Tyrone was inexperienced, stalling when she suggested he should "pump iron" as he'd told her and didn't fit in at such an upmarket place. Her theory being proven when Tyrone fell off a fast-moving treadmill while concentrating on cartoons showing on one of the TV screens.

A concerned Izzy came straight over to Tyrone, told him he shouldn't be pushing himself so hard and gave him a copy of the membership contract. Molly asked to see the contract and was stunned when she saw exactly how much he was going to have to pay.

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