Jack Clayton
Jack Clayton
Children Louise Clayton
Robert Clayton
First appearance 7th May 1980
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tommy Wright

Jack Clayton was the father of Louise who was employed as a shop assistant at The Kabin for two months between March and May 1980. Louise was taken on after Len and Rita Fairclough’s marriage had hit the rocks and Rita had left her life in Weatherfield and moved to Blackpool. Even when she returned, she decided to retire to a life of leisure but had to return when Mavis fell ill, leaving Louise to cope on her own. Rita realised that she missed her old life behind the counter and decided to return on a part-time basis but she and Louise clashed almost immediately. Unable to take Rita’s sharp tongue any more, Louise walked out.

Her domineering father came round to the shop in a rage, threatening an industrial tribunal. An equally angry Rita stood her ground and pointed out that a tribunal wouldn’t hear the case as she’d only been employed a couple of months and she had both walked out and spurned an offer to return on an extra £1 a week. Clayton retorted that he’d never allow his daughter to work for her again and dragged her away.

The character was credited as “Mr. Clayton” but his first name was given in dialogue.

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