Jack macguire
Jack MacGuire
Occupation Foreman
First appearance 22nd May 1972
Last appearance 24th May 1972
Number of appearances 2
Played by Harry Jones

Jack MacGuire was a Foreman who worked on the same site as Rita Littlewood's common-law husband Harry Bates. He had sent her packing with a black eye in May 1972 and Len Fairclough went to see him on Rita's behalf. Jack told Len that Harry was away but that he could wait. When Len grew impatient, Jack told him that Harry would be as long as it took him to pass the fifteen tempting pubs on the way to the site and then questioned him as to why he wanted Harry, asking if he was from a loan firm or something. When told no, Jack told him to clear off. Len told him that he was councillor and Jack retorted that he could be Batman as far as he was concerned but if he was going to stay he could pick up a shovel and join in like the rest of them. He also advised him that if he wasn't a friend of Harry, he should use the shovel for self-defence. True to his word, when Harry did return it wasn't long before a fight broke out which Len lost badly.

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