Jack Todd
Occupation Soldier (former)
Railway worker
Mother Daisy Todd
Spouse(s) Violet Makepiece (1914)
Children Jim Todd
Sally Todd
Dot Todd
First appearance Unseen

Jack Todd was the husband of Vi and the father of Jim, Sally and Dot Todd.

Jack and Vi loved each other deeply; they married in 1914 and moved into 9 Coronation Street just before Jack went to serve in France. He returned from the war safe and sound - although visibly shaken - and took up a job at the locomotive shunting yard. However, Jack lost this job during the Depression and ended up digging up streets for the council.

In 1940, the eldest child Jim went away to fight. Jack's mother Daisy moved in after her home was bombed out.

By 1946, Jack was the only member of the Todd family left at No.9 - Jim was shot while serving in Africa in 1942; Daisy died peacefully in her sleep in the summer of 1943; Vi died of pneumonia in 1944 after falling into the canal while drunk; Oliver, Sally and their son Clark moved to Kansas in 1945; and Dot married Walter Greenhalgh and moved out. Jack decided he was tired of being lonely and took up the position of resident caretaker at Bessie Street School after giving up the tenancy of No.9 to Jackie Rigby and Alf Nuttall.

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