Jackie moffatt
Jackie Moffatt
Spouse(s) Geoff Moffatt
Children Lucy Moffatt
First appearance 22nd February 1982
Last appearance 21st April 1982
Number of appearances 14
Played by Jacqueline Tong

Jackie Moffatt was a neighbour of the Tilsleys in Buxton Close in 1982. She first met Gail Tilsley when she unblocked the sink as husband Brian was away working in Qatar. Jackie encouraged Gail not to be a stay-at-home mum in Brian's absence and talked her into going on nights out with the girls. Jackie occasionally babysat Nicky while Gail worked at Jim's Cafe and also typed an interview letter for a job for Gail when she decided to go after an office job. Jackie was married to Geoff.

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